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Immune Support

Olive Leaves support also immune system with antiviral properties, helping protect from common cold or even more dangerous viruses.

The immune system is a set of organs, cells and proteins that works continuously to protect our body from viruses and bacteria or any foreign substances. We only notice it when we face illness. It’s when the performance of our immune system is compromised. Unfortunately this is something common mostly during the winter and kids are more susceptible than adults.

Although flu viruses are keep changing forms, our immune system keeps fighting against them.

There are many ways we can protect our health and support our immune system. A Good sleep, personal hygiene, exercise and a diet full of fruits and vegetables, can be the key to a healthy life. Additionally, the olive leaf extract may also help you, as it is used to enhance functioning of the immune system and aid the management of viral infections.

Studies have shown that oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol and other powerful compounds found in olive leaves, destroy invading organisms and don’t allow viruses to replicate and cause an infection.